Our mission as a small urban micro farm is to demonstrate that growing your own food or flowers doesn't require a large amount of land. With the right approach, plants can be grown in small spaces and even in containers. All you need is the desire to plant a seed. 

It all begins with a seed

Our Story

Good For You Gardens was formed when my Mom and I decided to combine our passions for agriculture. Mom has always had a flower garden and gave away her beautiful bouquets to make someone's day. Her passion for gardening inspired me to become a farmer. After 5 years of working and managing a local farm, I knew agriculture would always be a part of my future. We decided to start small and become professionals in microgreens, edible flowers, and cut-flower bouquets. We are a small urban farm located in Manchester NH. Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, nutrient dense food that is esthetically pleasing. We also aspire to educate our community about the importance of regenerative agriculture and supporting local farms. Our farm regenerates our surrounding environment by supporting pollinator populations and increasing soil biodiversity. We also are a Monarch Butterfly Waystation.

"Hands down the best microgreens! They are always fresh and the staff is lovely"

- Megan K.

"I love trying the new microgreens every week. They never disappoint!"

- Cassie J.

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